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Close Deals Faster and Watch Revenue Soar with Sales Engineer Coaching

The key to any sales team that depends on the expertise of engineers and technologists to deliver product demonstrations and present complex technical solutions, is their ability to communicate the solution in terms that prospects will understand and to achieve the Technical Win as quickly as possible.  The “Technical Win”, as we refer to it, is that point during the sales process in which the prospect understands the solution being presented and is convinced that it will meet or exceed their needs and enable them to achieve their objectives.  However, so many sales engineers, although brilliant in their particular area of expertise, have never been taught the art and science of the sales process.  As a result, sales opportunities become delayed and often times lost because the sales engineer or technical expert doesn’t know the skills and techniques necessary to relate to their audience, demonstrate the solution in a way it can be understood, and close the Technical Win in the shortest amount of time possible.

Sales Engineer Mastery℠ is a unique sales coaching program specifically designed to teach sales engineers the skills, techniques and strategies necessary to deliver world-class product demonstrations and sales presentations in a way that is both compelling and easy to digest, producing immediate and long-term improvements in sales performance and results. The process addresses the toughest issues sale engineers face, to include effectively engaging with prospects, managing time efficiently, preparing for meetings properly, answering questions appropriately and performing world class sales demonstrations.  Your technical sales team will grow professionally and personally while dramatically improving sales results.  Armed with the right mindset, on-going coaching, and real accountability, your sales teams will improve their performance and maximize your bottom-line results.


Our Sales Engineer Mastery Program leads to:

► Cohesive sales teams
► Shorter sales cycles
► Higher close ratios
► Stronger Profitability


The Sales Engineer Mastery℠ Program teaches:

► A Framework for delivering brilliant technical sales presentations
► Tangible steps and techniques that can be learned and applied immediately
► How to engage effectively with prospects and customers
► How to prepare for a product demonstration the RIGHT way
► The difference between content vs. script preparation
► The difference between selling TO a prospect vs. WITH
► The one moment you MUST have in every product demonstration
► Presentation and product demonstration best practices
► WHEN to deliver the home run and how to set it up
► How to answer questions the right way
► The power of saying NO



“This was fantastic! I absolutely wish someone had delivered this to me at age 24 when I started in this industry. This is the first time that someone has put it ‘all together’ for me as a Sales Engineer into one program.  We’ve all been to dozens of ‘technique training’ i.e. Story Telling; or Sales Training; or Effective Presentations etc… But this was a really a nice packaging that was to the point especially in our industry.

Jim D, Senior Sales Engineer

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